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Christmas Past

Christmas Past - 2022


Special Painted Ponies Dillard's Exclusive - 2022 Holiday

Because I have many Collector's who are not near a Dillard's store, I order from them for you.

Happy Holly Days ~ 2022 Holiday
by Artist: Ann Yarbrough

Happy Holly Days - Dillards

  • The tradition of decking the halls with boughs of holly at Christmas is celebrated everywhere. It is said that before the arrival of Jesus, holly berries were always white. When holly was used to make the crown of thorns, for the crucifixion of Jesus, they turned red.

  • Approx. 7.4" H x 7.09" L x 2.5" H

Happy Holly Days Figurine ~ $ 140.00
(Shipping Included)

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Happy Holly Days Ornament ~ $ 60.00
(Shipping Included)

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SET OF HHD's Figurine & Ornament $180.00
($AVE $20.00)
(Priority Shipping Included)

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The Gift ~ 2021 Holiday
by Artist: Laura Robinson

The Gift ~ Dillard's Exclusive
The Gift Ornament
2021 Exclusively presented for Dillard's

"You are a young child, and excitedly you wake up on Christmas morning and rush downstairs. You find a note, under the tree, that says before you can open any presents, you must first go to the barn and do your chores. Slightly disappointed, you swing open the barn door only to hear a soft nicker.

Searching for the source, you curiously go from stall to stall until you come to the last one where you can't believe your eyes. There it is, a perfect Palomino filly, draped in a bow with a tag that has your name on it. It's the gift you have been dreaming about. Your Christmas wish come true. "

Laura also made Vintage Greetings & Jingle Bell Rock ponies.

Figurine ~ $ 140.00
(Shipping Included)

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Ornament ~ $50.00
(Priority Shipping Included)

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SET OF The Gift Figurine & Ornament $170.00

($AVE $20.00)
(Priority Shipping Included)

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"I remember when my father, Gene Bauer, bought my oldest brother a palomino and after dark on Christmas
Eve, he brought the mare into our garage right under my brother's bedroom. Christmas morning after all
the presents were opened, he said I have one more for Mickey....
and we were speachless to see Taffy in our garage.

The neighbor kids all came over to see her and told their parents,
Santa brought a horse to the Bauer's house."

This pony reminded me of this wonderful Holiday memory, thanks Dad.

DeRosa Ceramic Holiday Art

DeRosa Nativity Characters

Other very cute gift critters, click pic to ride on over.


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