Retired Ponies in our Various Barns ~ These are BRAND NEW, never sold before...

Sometimes a pony is sold out by the supplier, Enesco, and I can't get any more so they will end up on these pages... Officially Retired ponies are only updated 2x a year by TOPP.


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Retired Paddock

Blondes 3E/, Caballito 2E/, Dream Warrior 4E/, Gift Horse 2E/, Kokopelli 4E/, Native People Pony 1E/, Painted Lady 2E/,


Out to Pasture

Cheyenne Rawhide 2E/, Dreamwalker 2E/, Fancy Dancer 2E/, Navajo Black Beauty 3E/, Night Flower 1E/, Prairie Horizon 2E/, Shiloh (Tony Curtis) 1E/, Westward Ho 1E/.

Box Stalls

Black Jack 1E/, Dreamwalker 1E/, Hopi Maidens 1E, Mystic 1E/, Old Country Store 1E/, Rodeo Dreams 4E/, Spirit of the NorthWest 2E/, Thunder Horse 1E/, Tropical Reef 2E/, Wovoka's Vision 2E/.


Endangered Breeds

American Dreams 2E/, Boot Camp 2E/, Caballito 1E/, Earth, Wind & Fire 4E/, Golden Feathers 2E/, Guardian Spirit 3E/, Horsepower to Burn 2E/, Prarie Princess 1E/, Rodeo Dreams 1E/, Rolling Thunder 2E/, Spirit of the Northwest 1E/, Spirit of the Seasons 1E/, Sundancer 2E/, Wie Tou 2E/, Wish Upon a Star 3E/.


Senior Barn

Best of Show 2E/, Bitterroot 1E/, Bonanza 2E/, Cheyenne Rawhide 1E/, Cowpony 4E/, Crazy Horse 1E, Dog & Pony Show 4E/, Dreamcatcher 1E/, Egyptian Gold 1E/, El Vasquero 1E/low, Eye Dazzler 1E/, Ghost 6E/, Golden Girls 1E/, Heavenly 6E/, HorsePower 1E/, Krystal Knight 1E/, Magical Swan 1E/, Night Ranger 1E/, Party Animal 1E/, Petals 1E/, Pony of Parade 1E/, Prairie Horizon 1E/, Regalia 1E/, Rolling Thunder 1E/, Skyrider 2E/, Sound of Thunder 4E/, Spacious Skies 3E/, Storm Rider 3E/, Summer Ballet 1E/, Sweetheart 2E/, Thunderbird 3E/, Tropical Reef 1E/, Viva Las Vegas 3E/, War Magic 1E/, Wilderness Roundup 4E/, Wovoka's Vision 1E/, Year of the Horse 7E/, Zuni Silver 1E/.



Off the Track

5 Card Stud 5E/, The Artist 1E/, Bedazzled 4E/, Blondes 1E/, Bonanza 1E/, Bunkhouse Bronko 2E/, Carved in History 2E/, Cheyenne Warrior 1E/, Children's Prayer 6E, Crow Fair 1E/, Crow Warrior's Pride 1E/, Dream Horse 2E/, Dream Warrior 1E/, First Comes Freedom 1E/, Forest Spirit 1E/. Front Runner 1E/, Fury 1E/, Golden Feathers 1E/, Grandfather's Journey 5E/, Guardian Spirit 1E/, Horseplay 1E/, Eagle Spirit 1E/, Guardian Spirit 1E/, Kachina 3E/, Keeper of the Sacred Fire 1E/, Kitty Cat's Ball 3E/, Lightning Bolt Colt 7E/, Little Brave 1E/, Magician 2E/, Many Tribes 3E/, Native Dancer 4E/, Native Jewel 4E/, On Common Ground 2E/, Rites of Passage 1E/, Rodeo Romeo 1E/, Spacious Skies 1E/, Stagecoach 1E/, Star Spangled Rodeo 1E/, Turquoise Princess 1E/, Zuni Mare 1E/.

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1E/0low means the number is under 1000


Retired Christmas Ponies:


$120.00 (Last One) Bells n Elves 1E/, Happy Holly Days from Dillard's 1E/, Nutcracker 1E/, Poinsettia 1E/, Royal Holiday 1E/, Santa's Pony 1E/0 low, Santa's Stallion 1E/, The Gift 1E/ from Dillard's, Twas the Night Before Christmas 1E/, Wonderful World of Peace 1E/.

$75.00 Away in a Manger 1E/, Beary Merry Christmas 1E/, Candy Coated Treat 1E/, Christmas Parade 1E/, Cornacopia 1E/, Crimson Joy 1E/low, Happy Holidays 2E/, Mr Winter 1E/, Oh Holy Night 1E/low, Sweet Treat 1E/, Twas the Night Before Christmas 1E/.

$60.00 Christmas Kittens 1E/, Feliz 1E/, Frosty 2E/, Gingerbread 1E/, Let it Snow1E/, Poinsettia 2E/, Sleigh Ride 1E/, Starlight 1E/, Victorian Christmas 1E, Vintage Christmas 1E/ Winter Feathers 1E/, /.

$50.00 Gingerbread 2E/, Jingle All The Way 1E/, Nutcracker 2E/, Peppermint 1E/, Song of Angels 1E/, Twas the Night Before Christmas 2E/, Wooden Toy Horse 1E.

$40.00 Christmas Cookie 1E/, Holiday S'mores 1E/, Let it Snow 2E/, Noel 1E/ .

$35.00 Deck the Halls 2E/, Feliz Navidad 2E/, Peppermint 2E/,

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