49th Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2019 Summer



Legend of the Blue Horse

Artist: Kelly Kurtz

Legend tells of a mysterious blue horse running free as the wind across the American prairie, his hooves leaving a windstorm in his wake, lightning flashing from his eyes, thunder from his hooves, clad in shadows that seem to wrap him like tattered sky-blue silks, stomping and snorting as he seeks out others of his kind.


Appaloosa Pride

Artist: Julie Karnath

Artwork depicting prehistoric horses with leopard spotting exists on European cave walls. But in North America, the Nez Perce Indian Tribe, who settled on reservation lands in Idaho, are credited for developing the original American breed known for its colorful mottled coat pattern. Popular as a stock horse used in a number of western riding disciplines, its vivid markings have made it a proud presence in Western movies and parades, where it is frequently dressed in traditional Native garb and trappings.


Wind Whisperer

Artist: Kathleen Moody

There is no shortage of tales about dust devils - those spinning columns of wind and dust seen twisting crazily across the drylands of the American West that seem to be animated by shape-shifting spirits. Maybe it was just the wind, but it was the sight of one of those whirling dervishes of dust that inspired this artist to imagine the earthly phenomenon of a wild horse running and rearing as it speeds across the prairie. "Wind Whisperer" is the first in a new series of large artistically sculpted figurines."


Dance of the Mustang

Artist: Kathleen Moody

"Dance of the Mustang" is The Trail of Painted Ponies tribute to the famous pinto mustang named Picasso. Known for gorgeous coloring that could have come from a painter's palette, Picasso lives in the Sand Wash Basin in Northwest Colorado, where he is the lead stallion in a free-roaming herd of wild horses. Striking an iconic pose intended to attract an equally beautiful mare, and at the same time warn off potential competitors, Picasso stands as a living symbol of the history and pioneer spirit of the American West, and will be joined by a companion figurine in a future release. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Pony will go to several non-profit organizations whose mission is to improve the range for wild horses.


Golden Girls

Artist: Lori Musil

Any horse can be a Palomino as long as it has a golden coat with an ivory-colored mane and tail. Recognized for its beauty by ancient royalty and kings and queens… the treasured mount of the Gods in Greek mythology and companion of the Conquistadores exploring the New World... prized by Indians of the Southwest and a star on the "Silver Screen"... the Palomino has long been a popular subject for artists, and with "Golden Girls" is now featured as a fabulous Painted Pony.


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