34th & 35th Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2015 Winter & Spring

Prince of the Wind!

Artist: Kathleen Moody

As the story is told, when Sky and Earth gave birth to a royal son they endowed him with the power to fly without wings, the ability to dance without music, and the endurance to rule over the vast Arabian desert. Last of all, they painted his nature with beauty and grace, before enthroning him as "Prince of the Wind."

Also designed Gypsy Vanner, "Don't Fence Me In" and A Star is Born


Squash Blossom

Artist: Devon Archer

The inspiration for Squash Blossom comes from the artist's admiration of the beautiful, hand-hammered silver-and-turquoise jewelry made by Navajo silversmiths, and the fine textiles created by Navajo weavers. Incorporating both of these highly sought-after trade items into this gorgeous design – a squash blossom pendant for the breast plate, a traditional, banded, Navajo Chief's Blanket draped over the Pony's back – she has created an iconic equestrian tribute to the Dineh, as the Navajo call themselves.


Star Spangled Rodeo

Artist: Karilynn Keyes & Valor Lee

"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together as we welcome, Star Spangled Rodeo."

With that introduction, a magnificent white Appaloosa decorated with a distinctive blue-star pattern prances into the center of the arena, a sight so beautiful that fans are left breathless. As they leap to their feet, the rumble of a trumpet signals the start of the National Anthem, Old Glory snaps in the breeze, the thunder of applause swells from the stands, and another Rodeo begins…

Cowboy Up!


Tickled Pink

Artist: Aloma Wolfington

My heart sings, I'm in harmony with you
Joyful elation, I'll never be blue
I'm Tickled Pink, you've played the right key
Loves inspiration, the whole world can see


Pony Lover

Artist: Kim Ratigan

An avid animal lover from an early age who was always sketching horses, dogs and cats, this Canadian grew up in the city with a fantasy that someday she would wake up and run to the window, and in the front yard would be an awesome, beautiful and wonderful Pony waiting for her. Later, when she grew up to be an artist, she played with the idea that maybe, if she actually drew and painted the Pony of her dreams, what she pictured in her mind might someday become a reality. So she picked up a brush and went to work, and when she was done, the result was "Pony Lover."

35th Release ~


Artist: Tesha Hammonds

"The Breeders Cup Classic is one of the most prestigious worldwide horse racing events for Thoroughbreds in the racing industry.  When I first heard about the contest offered by The Trail of the Painted Ponies in conjunction with the Racetrack Chaplaincy Organization and read the winning entry would be auctioned off at the Chaplaincy’s “White Horse Award” ceremony to be held at Santa Anita Park during the Breeders Cup Classic in November 2013, I knew right away that I needed to submit a design.

Having been personally involved as an owner of a racehorse and as an artist, having specifically studied the sporting horse under Sam Savitt, Jean Bowman, Faye Moore and James Crow, I was inspired to create a pony design worthy of the majestic and elegant race horse. I’d been waiting for the opportunity to enter a racehorse design for consideration by the Trail of the Painted Ponies. This was it!" - Tesha


Wedding Wished

Artist: Maria Ryan

Here's a cheer for the bride and groom,
From everyone around the room.
Let's celebrate your special day,
And happiness that's here to stay!
Wishing you the joy, prosperity, togetherness and happy trails that only a marriage filled with love can bring!


War Paint

Artist: Karlynn Keyes & Valor Lee

Powerful magic was passed on to a warrior during the application of war paint to a horse in preparation for a forthcoming battle, and the handprint symbol was believed to channel strength and energy to the wearer, as well as to intimidate enemies. Also, a woman who saw hand symbols on the horse of her warrior would be filled with pride because it meant that he had shown courage and dominance in battle, and feel safe knowing that she would be able to look to such a man for protection. "War Paint" was inspired by an archival photograph of a decorated war pony.


Children's Prayer for the World

Artist: Karlynn Keyes & Valor Lee

There could be no more important messengers of peace than children of many faiths, from all around the world. Their heartfelt prayers for compassion and caring remind us that sometimes, the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages. "Children's Prayers for the World" is a tribute to those small voices that can be heard in the darkness, all around the world. They quietly remind us how important it is to love and respect each other.


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