30th & 31st Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2014 Winter & Spring

Don't Fence Me In!

Artist: Kathleen Moody

Developed in Great Britain after World War II by Gypsies who wanted to create an artistic breed of horse to pull their highly decorated and colorful caravans, Gypsy Vanners are small draft horses popularly recognized for their long and flowing manes and tails, and the lush feathers on their lower legs that swish when they move. When a Vanner stallion kicks up its heels and runs across a pasture, it all but calls out, with class, presence and style, “Hey! Look at me! I am special. I can do anything. Don’t fence me in.”


Rhinestone Cowgirl

Artist: Karlynn Keyes and Valor Lee

Every horse-loving girl knows the secret…it's all about the sparkle! From bling on Western belts to dazzling earrings, bracelets and more, Cowgirls know how to ride through life in style. And, no self-respecting Cowgirl would ever head out on the trail without her favorite rhinestone purse. Bring on the bling and saddle-up for the ride of a lifetime with Rhinestone Cowgirl. Shine On!


Guardian of the Sunsets Gates

Artist: Alanna Donohue

As night falls, evil looms. Sunset is the time of day when Indian maidens, children and their horses are at highest risk of being stolen by warriors from other tribes. It is a dangerous time when braves with keen senses take responsibility for the protection of their people, and along with their ever-alert horses, become watchmen of the night… guardians of sunset’s gate.


Yankee Doodle

Artist: Lexie Palmore

Fireworks, a starry sky, an American flag, and notes of music strung across it all, this Pony reminds us of the song that was originally sung by British military officers before the Revolutionary War to make fun of the ragtag farmers that made up the colonial army, whom they perceived as country bumpkins. When the “Yankees” defeated the British, however, they began singing it as a proud anthem to taunt their English foes. Today, “Yankee Doodle” is one of America’s most popular patriotic songs.


Krystal Knight

Artist: Wendi D. Beesley

For a thousand years, artists, scholars and dreamers have been inspired by the romantic stories associated with the fabulous Camelot, the legendary King Arthur, and the knights of the Round Table. Along with the love affair between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, there were other romantic side-stories told, including the tale of Krystal Knight, a beautiful blue mare adorned with crystals and pearls who roamed the countryside and forests with a hot-blooded black steed that was dressed in armor, trained for war, and loved her dearly.

31st Release ~ 2014 Winter & Spring

Rodeo Romeo

Artist: Karlynn Keyes and Valor Lee

He's fast as the wind and black as night, you can try to resist him with all of your might. He can spin on a dime and fly through the air, he'll steal your heart with rodeo flair. Look in his eyes and you just can't say no, 'cause this little guy is Rodeo Romeo!



Artist: Amber Stirling

Legend tells of spotted horses that blazed trails throughout the American West. They were the constant companions of the Nez Perce, expert hunters and trackers who traveled with the seasons. Their journeys are reflected in the distinctive blanket pattern of their beloved Appaloosas. Together, they rode into history as brave Trailblazers.



Artist: Paula Holoman

Peonies are pink, they're beautiful, it's true. This Painted Pony, was created just for you. She is kind and loving, and pretty as can be. Her name is, Petals, and she loves to run free…


Empress of the Winds

Artist: Stefanie Schaetzchen

They say that the winds are like a woman, always changing... There are the Winds of Time which span history and the Winds of Change, which mark transformations. Then there are the Winds of Dawn, which signal renewal. All of these, from The Empress of the Winds.


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