28th & 29th Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2013 Summer & Fall

Friends Forever

Artist: Lorna Matsuda

Friendship comes in many forms. Whether shared by two humans, or two horses standing together in the woods, the power of knowing someone else cares, thinks we’re special, and loves us for who we are, makes life better.



Ride the North Country

Artist: Lynn Bean

The arctic region is more than snow and freezing water. It is also home to a variety of wildlife found nowhere else on earth, wildlife like polar bears and arctic wolves. “Ride the North Country” gives us another way of experiencing this rugged but fascinating place that is unlike any other on the planet.


Follow Your Dreams

Artist: Kelly Kurtz

Unicorns are more than a horse with a horn. They are creatures of beauty, magic, mystery, gentleness and purity that have the power to take us wonderful places, and make our dreams come true.


Heart to Heart

Artist: Jackie B. Thompson

Sometimes the sweetest things are simple to say. Painted Ponies hearts are colorful and will surely make your day. So share a thought and a smile with family and with friends, on this heartfelt trail ride where the fun never ends. Happy Hearts & Happy Trails!



29th Release

Ebony in Harmony

Artist: Lorna Matsuda

Paint Horses have inspired artists from the beginning of recorded time. Their likeness appears on prehistoric cave walls, on decorated pottery found in Egyptian tombs, and on buffalo robes painted by Indian tribes in the American West. Known for markings that often look like black paint splashed over a white horse’s body, no two Paint horses are ever the same. However horses do like companionship, and with this Painted Pony you will find that each Paint is paired with another, bringing harmony to the overall design. someone else cares, thinks we’re special, and loves us for who we are, makes life better.



Artist: Janet Snyder

Crow Indians were renowned for colorful bead work and distinctive geometric compositions. They believed that sophisticated color schemes combined with triangular shapes projected sacred power and life. Yellow stood for the place of the sun’s rising. Rose for the early morning glow. Blue represented the sky. Astride a Pony like “Regalia,” a Crow Indian would have been a strikingly powerful presence as he rode across the open plains.


Star Sheriff

Artist: Cheryl A. Harris

In the Wild West days, frontier sheriffs who did not have access to badge manufacturers but wanted some means of identification that carried authority when they came up against dastardly villains, would sometimes cut stars out of tin cans. When added to fancy shirts with Old West styling, spangled buttons, and handcuffs that dangled like jeweled bracelets, these "Tin Star Sheriffs" not only kept law and order, they were the best dressed "good guys" of the Old West..


Prairie Princess

Artist: by Alison Arngrim & Howie Green

This Painted Pony, a co-creation of Pop Artist Howie Green and TV legend Alison Arngrim, whose portrayal of Nellie Oleson on "Little House on the Prairie" was so iconic she was named as the #1 female villain in TV history, is a tribute to the ladies who made their homes on the prairies of America in the 1800s. Those women were tough and sturdy to be sure, but always welcomed a little touch of color, and some decorative trim along a dress seam or a pink bow on their bonnets.

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