20th & 21st Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2011 Summer & Fall

Appaloosa Peacock

Artist: Lynn Bean

The beauty of the horse has been immortalized by artists throughout history, but none have done it quite like Lynn Bean, one of our “Art Stars.” With “Appaloosa Peacock” she has outdone herself, incorporating the brilliant, shimmering, feather train of a peacock onto a majestically rearing white stallion in a way that takes both glorious creatures to new and higher levels of beauty.

Lynn Bean also made: Fetish Pony, Copper Enchantment & Gingerbread Pony.


Peace, Love & Music

Artist: Howie Green

The 1960s were a time when it really did seem like things as simple as peace, love and music could create a revolution that would change the world! Recalling that colorful decade in the retro style, Peace, Love & Music is all about the power of pop art. Strong, vibrant colors and swirling shapes blend together as perfectly as rainbows while artfully incorporating classic '60s icons such as doves, musical notes and hearts. With this Painted Pony, anything is possible, again!

This is Howie's first pony.


Rites of Passage

Artist: Black Pinto Horse, Monte Yellow Bird Sr.
There are many sacred seasons of our lives, marking important periods of growth and change. One of the most joyous is the journey from childhood to adulthood. Rites of Passage tells the sacred story of girls becoming knowledgeable young women and boys evolving into responsible young men through powerful First Nation colors and symbols. This horse, or Sacred Dog, carries the hopes and dreams of all young people as they travel through life. Green represents growth on this journey of color... blue symbolizes holiness and orange marks the beginning and ending of these sacred transitions in life. The four butterflies represent the Creator and the four stages of life for women. The warrior's footsteps are symbolized by four horse tracks as young men learn about their responsibilities. The Tree of Life stands for the past, present and future generations.

This is Black Pinto Horse, Monte Yellow Bird Sr.'s first pony design.


Westward Ho

Artist: Rod Barker & Janee Hughes

Years ago, it was fashionable for travelers to adorn their suitcases with colorful stickers that let the world know where they'd been. This was especially true of those taking road trips through the American West, retracing the trails first traversed by wagon trains that began their journey to California to start a new life with the cry, "Westward, Ho" Well-worn suitcases, decorated with vintage stickers featuring states, historic sites, national parks and roadside attractions were the sign of a seasoned traveler and today they are highly collectible. Westward, Ho! takes us all on a trip back in time.

Rod Barker is the CEO of the TOPP's. He has designed : Bonanza,
Janee Hughes has designed: Bonanza, Feliz Navidad, Stardust, Northern Lights, Frosty, Silver Bells, Incognito, Fantastic Fillies, & Nutcracker.

21st Release - Fall 2011

Magical Swan

Artist: Maria Ryan

In legend and myth, Swans are gloriously large, snow-white birds that represent beauty, purity and, because of their long-lasting monogamous relationships, fidelity. The symbolic power of the swan lies in accepting the gift of change, as over their lifetime Swans evolve from “ugly ducklings” in their youth, to elegant and graceful adults.

In a similar fashion, the horse also grows from a gangly colt into a majestic stallion. Likewise, the life-long bond between a horse and rider is much like the pairing of two Swans.

“The Magical Swan” combines the Horse and Swan a single, magnificent creature whose loveliness and energy is enhanced by its kaleidoscopic reflections in a sparkling, mirrored base.

Maria also created: Boot Camp, Penguin Express, Poinsettia, Native Jewel, Kachina, Earth Angels, Native Essence & Christmas Kittens.



Artist: Amber Sielesnew

This twenty-seven year old mother of two grew up on a small family farm in Indiana, and remembers that the very first horse that came to live with them was a Buckskin named Sandy. Painting has just been a hobby to her, though a hobby that has brought her recognition. A design she submitted to an art competition for endangered species was chosen to become a US postage stamp. And her idea of draping a rearing Paint Your Own Pony in well-worn dollar bills, to suggest the amount of money she has wrapped up in her love of horses, has been translated into one of the Fall 2011 Painted Pony figurines.

This is Amber's first pony.


Cowgirls Rule

Artist: Sue Sizemore

This nationally known, multi-faceted artist from the Pacific Northwest has been doing some form of painting, drawing, or crafts since she was little. She has painted wildlife with pastels and watercolors… scrimshawed bone and fossilized ivory…burned, carved, inlaid and painted gourds… made mohair teddy bears by hand… designed and created one-of-a-kind cloth dolls. It seems she is always looking for new creative challenges… and with her Painted Pony, “Cowgirls Rule,” she has added one more way of showcasing her artistic talents.

This is Sue's first pony.


Storm Rider

Artist: Lauren Reeser

“Storm Rider” is a creative collaboration with style by Lauren Reeser. The image was inspired by a summer horseback ride that Rod Barker, TOPP Co-Founder, took into the Colorado mountains, when he was surprised by a sudden electric storm. Lightning flashed like gunfire, and the explosions of thunder sounded like an artillery barrage… it almost seemed like a war had broken out. Lauren was the ideal collaborator.

Lauren, based in Reno, Nevada, has always had a love of art and horses, and grew up sketching and dreaming of having her own pony. During college she studied illustration and graphic design, while working summers at a stable, training horses. This gave ample opportunity to study the beauty and form of many types of horses, and develop the kind of familiarity with them that allowed her to create this powerful design. This is her first pony experience...


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