15th Series Design Meanings and Style - March 2010

War Cry
Artist: Vickie Knepper-Adrian

On a barren, windswept hill in eastern Montana there stands a tall obelisk inscribed with the names of the 268 men of the 7th Cavalry Regiment who lost their lives on June 26, 1876, in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Custer's Last Stand, as it is also called, is remembered by most Americans as a shocking defeat for the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army. But for Native Americans, it is remembered differently. Although it was a battlefield victory for the combined force of Sioux and Northern Cheyenne warriors, it represents the last chapter in their struggle to preserve and defend their homeland and traditional way of life. There has been no equivalent memorialization for the

Indian dead, which gives "War Cry" – created in recognition of their heroic sacrifices – its power and poignancy.


Carries the Spirit

Artist: Lynn Bean

This stunning rearing Pony represents a stallion, standing tall and proud, like Native American dancers at historic Powwows, which reflect important aspects of Native American society. Beneath the beat of the drums and stunning regalia, there are many ancient traditions and activities whose sole purpose is to communicate and strengthen the ways of the Native American community through spirituality and family life. The Native American outfits are tremendously personal, artistic expressions of the dancers' lives, feelings, interests, family and spiritual quest.

Artist: Janee Hughes & Rod Barker
A spirited, rearing horse is the ultimate symbol of the American West, both old and new. How fitting for this rearing Pony to be colorfully decorated with designs that evoke popular TV westerns from the '50s, or styles that were worn by rodeo queens, or that were once seen flashing on neon signs in Las Vegas? "Bonanza" is a Spanish word meaning something that is very valuable, in large amounts and this "Bonanza" has lassoed the very best in the West!

Janee also designed: Big Red, Deck the Halls, Children's Prayer Pony (co-designed with Karlynn Keyes), Run for the Roses, Bedazzled, Silver Bells, Polar Express, Frosty, Northern Lights, Stardust, Grand Prix, Feliz Navidad.


Native Dancer
Artist: The Trail of Painted Ponies
The Trail of Painted Ponies is honored to create a commemorative pony, which proudly pays tribute to the artistic tradition of carousel horses, or Painted Ponies, as they were once known. "Native Dancer" honors the artistry of those turn-of-the-century craftsmen who magically crafted carousel horses that were popular in America in the 1900s. At one time, there were over 7,000 carousels, including those that originated in Europe. These magnificent machines began to deteriorate after the Depression and became badly neglected. Regrettably, only 300 carousels remain in existence today.

Best of Show
Artist: Lori Musil
This Painted Pony celebrates many of the majestic breeds that compete in national and international competitions and horse shows. The Appaloosa, Trekhener Warmblood, Belgian, Andalusian, Standardbred, American Paint Horse, Arabian and Lipizzan are depicted prancing and parading in the tack appropriate to their breed. This prestigious title is awarded to horses whose pedigree and progeny assure the judges they are in fact the "Best of Show."
Arabian Nights
Artist: Karlynn Keyes with Bryn Wilkins Lawson
Once upon a time, there was a stunningly beautiful girl who told entrancing stories to her King for a thousand and one adventurous nights! The King was mesmerized by her storytelling and her knowledge of history, philosophy, poetry and the arts. This educated young woman was well read and well bred and she entertained and educated the King about morality and kindness, which forever changed the way he ruled Persia. Finally, the King made her his Queen and to thank her for the many nights of storytelling, the King gave his beloved wife a white Arabian Horse, dressed in a classical Arabian Horse Costume featuring intricate patterns, stunning colors and an abundance of tassels. They named their beloved horse "Arabian Nights."

Dragonfly Magic
Artist: Lynn Bean
The dragonfly's unique ability to reflect and refract light and color in beautiful, delicate, jewel-like prisms, explains its historic association with magic and mysticism. It is said that dragonflies are symbols of renewal after a time of great hardship. They are often referred to as the "keeper of dreams," and their short lives are reminders that life should be lived to the fullest and every moment should be considered a precious gift.

The Front Runner
Artist: Kim Ratigan
Medium: Resin

In horse racing, the Front Runner is a horse who takes the lead at the start of the race and maintains that lead until crossing the finish line. "The Front Runner," which placed first in a national "Art of Horse Racing" competition, captures the thrilling run down the home stretch, at precisely that moment when the winning jockey glances back to check on his closest competitor. Horse racing is an ancient sport that began in 4500 BC among the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia, who first domesticated the horse. Often referred to as "The Sport of Kings," it is the second only to baseball as America's most popular spectator sport.

 Celebrity Collection

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis is one of the most successful actors of his era, appearing in a number of the most popular and acclaimed films of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Curtis symbolizes the Golden Age of Hollywood and is legendary for his good looks, smooth charm and dashing and debonair style.

Also an internationally renowned visual artist, Curtis creates brightly colored impressionistic paintings, drawings and assemblages reflecting the glamour of his movie-star status, his generous nature and his zest for life. Curtis' artwork is featured in prominent galleries, private collections and distinguished museums including New York's Museum of Modern Art. Curtis' original paintings command in excess of $50,000 per canvas.

Artist: Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis' generous nature is most evident in his passionate commitment to the Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. This highly respected non-profit organization, founded by Curtis and his wife Jill, has saved more than four hundred horses from peril and provides a sanctuary for these rescued horses to live out their lives in comfort.

Shiloh Horse Rescue & Sanctuary is located in Sandy Valley, Nevada, just a short drive from the Curtises' home.

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