Herd Your Horses! - Board Game for Fjord Lovers & Families
includes Fjords ~of course!

Herd Your Horses Game

Ever wonder what it would be like to be part of a wild herd of horses? Or what it's like to conduct a round-up? Herd Your Horses! allows you to experience life from the horse's or the rancher's point of view. Along the way, you'll learn to appreciate more than just the majestic beauty of these animals. Meet more than 50 horses, each fully illustrated in color on jumbo playing cards. Each game also includes four horse playing pieces, 42 adventure cards, a game board and game booklet with rules and information about horses.

Includes a solitaire game for solo play.
Ages 8 and Up, 2 to 4 Players
New Box Design, same great Game!

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