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Bobbi's New Hat from Betsy

Officer Butters likes Bobbi's Hat !

Style #2: Tan Fjord Head Design
Cap has been a popular style for many Fjord owners.

Hats with Med Structure.

These INSTOCK Designs are Medium structured hat, velcro adjustable strap.

HAT #2
$22.00 + $4.00 shipping

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Style #3: Ladies Fjord Head Design
Cap has been a popular style for Gals who pull their pony tail through the back.

This hat is a soft shell, lower profile, with buckle strap.

Fjord Hats #3 with Buckles

* Red, *Bright Pink, *Black, *Stone *Med Blue <* In Stock Now!

(Available: Chrome, Cooked Carrot, Dandelion, Lt Blue
Green, Khaki, , Maroon, , Lt Pink, Stone)

^ See this syle on Bobbi

Ride a Fjord
it makes your Butt loo Smaller!

Fun Fjord Shirt.
In Pink or Black
A must for us Fjord Gals.


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Example of the Buckle
Example of the buckle in the back of #3


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Hat #3 --- $26.00
USA First Class Shipping Included

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HAT #4 Medium Profile, Velcro strap

Fjord Hat #4 Instock

Turquoise, Light Blue, Coral

USA First Class Shipping Included

HAT #4 with Velcro strap.

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