Vision Horse Model, by Fame Master

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A Must Have for horse lovers and those going into the Veternarian profession.
Remove the horse's bones and organs and replace them as you learn the
physical anatomy of the horse.
Yes, there is a booklet to show you how.



4D-Vision 4D Puzzle Toy
Horse Anatomy Model
Horse Anatomy Model 4D Puzzle Toy consists of 25 pcs parts
Horse Anatomy Model Toy with New Puzzle Concept
Detachable Organs and Body Parts
Comes with Display Platform
Fine Detailed Sculpturing with hand painted parts
includes Illustrated Guide Book
Size: 7" long

The Vision Horse Model is an anatomically accurate display of the anatomy of a horse. You remove all the 25 parts and then reconnect the organs and bones to better learn the parts of a horse.

Great for school assignments, 4-H projects Pony Club Horse Management Sessions, or Scouts.

Represents the structures of the skeleton and vital organs: skeleton, stomach, esophagus, aorta, diaphragm, kidney, lungs, intestines, pancreas scapula, pelvis and more.... Ages 8 & Up.


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