Don't rely on Ebay information. Use your tracking number at and get the correct info or contact me.

ORDERS: If you have a problem ordering, please E'me or call 559-645-4111 Pacific Time. Ponies are sometimes grouped in a price range so type the name of the pony in the box that says "Which pony would you like?". IF the shopping cart adds too much shipping I will refund it. Example: IF you add 6 ponies to your cart, and it adds 5.00 for each added pony, I will NOT need that amount so I will refund the extra after weighing you box and creating the label UPS. So don't worry.


 Shipping Deadlines
USPS Christmas

Postal Service - Most Gifts are sent US Priority Postal
Example: If you live in New York (Zone 5) the last day for me to ship to you successfully is Thursday the 16th.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate. <3

 Zone 1 - CA Zone 2 - UT- NV Zone 3 - Green Zone 4 - Brown Zone 5 - Orange  
December 17th
December 19th
December 17th
December 17th
December 16th




In General our Shipping Policies are:

Shipping is not a place to take advantage of our customers.
Therefore we try very hard to be fair. We are located in California, so shipping to the East Coast is more costly than to the West Coast. Because Painted Ponies are a general item that you all love, I ship 1 or 2 ponies USPS. $18.00 first + $9.00 each Add on. For orders of 3 and more, we use UPS AND if you get OVERCHARGED for shipping, we WILL refund the extra not needed. OR you can email me and tell me your "Wish List" and I'll figure the exact amount.

When we ship your item, we send an email with tracking info from UPS or USPS. If you didn't receive that email, or if it got blocked by your Spam filter, please e'me and I'll send you the numbers.

Orders don't take long to ship from here. Maybe 1 - 2 days and it is on its way. Holidays = same day or 1 day they leave here.

Please be sure we receive correct addresses and that PayPal (or my shopping cart) lists the correct one. Paypal occasionally gives us your old address. Since we ship right away we would hate for you to have to wait for it to come back and be resent to you.

Anyone who sells on the Internet has a real challenge when determining their shipping policy. Some items are light, others are heavy; some go really far away, some go next door and some go across the ocean.

We have also tried to be very fair and WILL * refund extra if it is charged. It is not my intent to over charge shipping.

Insurance (and for Ebay items) Insurance is included in the shipping price if needed. WE stand behind a successful process so email if you have any issues. We'd like to make your purchasing experience 100% wonderful. If you are getting 1E numbers or retired ponies, insurance is definately suggested.

My Shopping Cart software allows you to choose to charge with your CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL. [If you select items that create 2 shopping carts that may happen. You can complete both and I'll merge them, thus refunding any extra shipping OR Purchase 1, and add a note that you'd also like a certain item that wasn't added properly. Then I'll do the math, and send a small invoice to cover] Ebay Invoices: If you purchase mulitple items on Ebay, please wait for me to tweek the shipping. Usually within a day I'll tweek/lower the shipping and you can pay it once and we're ready to ship. Thanks.

If you aren't comfortable charging online, just call me and and we process your order with our MERCHANT ACCOUNT here over the phone. 559-645-4111 in California.

Domestic USA Shipping:

Painted Ponies (7" size): First pony $16.00 with $9.00 for the 2nd pony, after that we like to weigh the whole order and only charge exact shipping.. More will be charged for non contiguous states. Shipping to States closer to CA (me) will be less, refunds for extra shipping will be made. I wish I lived in the middle of the country, but can't beat this weather.

When new Sets of Painted Ponies are shipped, they usually include shipping but sometimes are charged according to their package weight. Check their page for that information.

International Shipping:

If you are an international customer, and purchasing an item on my site or on eBay, please ask prior to ordering for exact shipping OR purchase the item and I'll send you a PayPal invoice to supplement that which is paid to make up the difference for the further distance.

** SOME Ponies are heavier than others so please ask or expect a possible supplemental invoice for shipping.

Ponies weighing total under 4 pounds can be shipped First Class which will save you money, but take more time. Plus there is no way to track First Class packages but all have made it in one piece. So perhaps an option if you choose.

Please don't hesitate to Ask me any question you have...

If you have a list of Ponies on your Wish List, I can set them aside and ship a few each month. I only charge what shipping companies charge me.

We are willing to ship around the world so write and I'll arrange for it. For any if'y questions, please email me and I can send you a specific PayPal invoice with your purchases all listed and correct shipping.


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