Here are some Q & A's from the Trail of Painted Ponies! Hope it helps you with these fun Collectibles.

1. How many Original Painted Ponies are there? There are 150 Life-size Painted Ponies, 40 Masterwork Painted Ponies and more than 100 Maquette Painted Ponies.

2. How do Artists submit designs for Original Painted Ponies? Artists may email or mail their designs to The Trail of Painted Ponies offices for consideration. Artists may also submit photos of completed designs on Paint Your Own Pony Kits. Finally, artists are invited to enter all of The Trail of Painted Ponies Competitions and Contests.


1. Do all the figurines begin as original works of fine art? Yes. The Trail of Painted Ponies takes pride in all of the authentic, original artwork that is created by select artists around the country. As opposed to many collectibles that are generated solely for the collectible market, The Trail of Painted Ponies figurines and merchandise all begin as original works-of-art. The Trail of Painted Ponies figurines are meticulously crafted miniature works-of-art that were initially created as life-size Ponies, Masterworks, Maquettes or Paint Your Own Pony Kit Ponies. Many original Painted Ponies are sold through the Official Trail of Painted Ponies Website.

2. Are all the Painted Ponies pictured in The Trail of Painted Ponies books available as figurines? No. The books are not a catalog, although in the back of the books you will find a section that contains all the Painted Ponies that have been crafted as figurines at the time the book was printed. For a current list of Painted Ponies, please visit the Collector's Checklist.

3. How many figurines have been created? There have been 116 Painted Ponies figurines crafted to date along with 20 Holiday Painted Ponies, 6 Exclusive Painted Ponies, and 4 Four Seasons Collection Painted Ponies.

4. How do you decide which figurines to cast in resin and which in ceramic? When embellishments, or details are added to the design of an original Painted Pony that add dimension, the Painted Pony will be cast in resin. If the original Painted Pony is created in a simple graphic design it will usually be cast in ceramic and the design will be hand-painted or a high-resolution decal will be hand applied.

5. How often, how many, and when are new figurines announced? The Winter Herd is announced on December 1 featuring eight new Painted Pony figurines. The Summer Herd of eight new Painted Ponies, along with the Holiday Painted Ponies, is announced on June 1. For figurine announcements visit The Trail of Painted Ponies website.

6. What does the numbering on the bottom of the figurine mean? The first number on the bottom of the Painted Pony is the Edition Number. This number will have an “E” after it (example: 1E, 2E, 3E). The second number refers to the number of that particular Painted Pony in reference to the Edition that it was created in. This number will be between 1 and 10,000, since there are 10,000 Painted Ponies in each Edition.

7. When a new release is annonced, how long will it take to be shipped? Generally, it takes two months from the time a new herd is released to when it is shipped to retail stores and the Official Painted Ponies Store. Autographed Editions, take an additional two weeks for the artists to sign their figurines.

8. How do you decide which figurines to Retire and when are they announced? Twice a year we Retire a minimum of six Painted Ponies – or as we prefer to say, “We put them out to pasture.” We make the announcement on January 1 and July 1. Various considerations come into play: how well that particular Painted Pony is performing in the marketplace, whether we have other Ponies with a similar design that we would like to introduce. Sometimes, we will also Retire a Painted Pony that is very popular!

9. How do I purchase a Retired Painted Pony or Autographed Figurine from a previous release? You may purchase these figurines through Treasures from the Vault (

10. How many Exclusive Painted Ponies have been created and where can I purchase them? There have been six Exclusive Painted Ponies created, and they are:

"Reflections of Australia," created exclusively for the country of Australia.
"Kindred Spirits," created exclusively for Dillard's Department Stores.
“Run for the Roses,” created exclusively for Dillard’s Department Stores.
“High Desert Horse Feathers,” created exclusively for the High Desert State Bank in New Mexico.
The “Phoenix Pony,”created exclusively for a retailer at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
“Maple Leaf Pony,” created exclusively for Canada.

11. What is the “Official Autographed Edition”? Painted Ponies figurines have become one of the most popular collectibles in America. Certain factors add to their collectibility and enhance their perceived value: whether the figurine is hand-signed by the artist; if the figurine is retired; and if the edition number is low. As a way of creating value and assuring collectors that the signatures on the Painted Ponies are authentic, we created the Official Autographed Edition. It consists of a limited number first edition Painted Ponies, hand-signed and hand-numbered by the artist. Each is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that is also hand-signed and hand-numbered by the artist. These Official Autographed Editionsare available exclusively through The Trail of Painted Ponies website store, and select retailers across the country. These are the ONLY Painted Ponies that the artist both hand-signs and hand-numbers that come with Official Certificates of Authenticity, and they are all Limited Editions.

12. My Painted Pony is missing the story tag and original box. Can I get either of these replaced? We do not overprint the Story Tags, or produce extra boxes for the Painted Ponies. However, you may download the Story Tags from our Official Website. To download, please Click Here. You may also find the Story Tags in the back of The Trail of Painted Ponies Anniversary Edition Book , which may be purchased from our Official Painted Ponies Store. To purchase this book, please Click Here.

13. Are The Trail of Painted Ponies figurines lead-free? Yes, both The Trail of Painted Ponies figuirnes and the Jeweled Gift Boxes are lead-free. Our figurines are miniature works-of-art that are Hand Crafted in China. They are carefully sculpted and painted using the finest materials featuring Lead-Free paints.


1. When you Pre-Order figurines, how long will it take to ship them? Generally two-plus months. For example, if you pre-order a Painted Pony announced on December 1, it will be shipped in early February. Painted Ponies pre-ordered after the June 1 announcement are usually shipped in late August.


1. How should I display my Painted Ponies Collection?

To prevent figurines from being knocked over by cats, dogs, children and visitors, keep them in closed cabinets or high off the ground.
Ideally, display shelves should have edges on the front so pieces will not easily slide off. Mirrored backing will "double" your enjoyment.
Watch out for display areas located near water sources such as water pipes, fish tanks and sinks.
Keep collectibles away from heat, e.g. fireplaces, radiators, floor heaters, stoves and high-watt light bulbs. Heat tends to cause finishes on resin or ceramics to change color.
Do not display collectibles near sunlight. Ultraviolet rays from the sun destroys color pigments.

2. How can I repair a broken figurine? Relax; it almost certainly can be repaired. Pick up all the pieces. Protect your hands with gloves. Wrap the larger pieces in bubble wrap or other protectant. Never use silicone rubber to glue pieces back together. Super glue is the recommended bonding agent. The best protection for any collection is a good insurance policy. Most homeowners or renters policies cover a certain amount of art and collectibles but they usually have a $500 deductible. If you have a valuable collection you should consider extending coverage.

3. How can I find out what the perceived value of a particular Painted Pony is? The "percieved value" of any particular Painted Pony depends on a number of factors. Seek the services of a qualified appraiser. We do know that Autographed, Retired and Low Edition Painted Ponies appreciate quickly in value.

4. Tips for Authenticating 1E Painted Ponies in the 1st and 2nd Releases:

The copyright date on all 1E ponies from the first herd and second herd should be 2003.
The copyright should read “™ and © 2003 The Trail of Painted Ponies, LLC”, on authentic 1E ponies from the first and second herd. The artist's name should not be present. 1E ponies from the first and second herd should read "Made in China" as opposed to "Handcrafted in China". 1E ponies from the first through fourth herd should come in a black box with a black hangtag. However, please note, that some sellers having found a rare older 1E pony with no box or tag, may replace that black box with a red box or tag. If you have any doubts, ask the seller.
If you have any doubts about a pony, and there is no photo of the base in the listing, ask for a photo of the base to either be posted in the listing or emailed to you. If the seller can't provide a picture, you will need to make a decision as to whether or not you want to bid on that pony. The artists' names were added to the base of the figurines during the 4th Release. The Trail incorporated in 2005 during the 5th Release. Ponies manufactured after that date will read "….the Trail of Painted Ponies, Inc." This may also include older ponies released prior to 2005 if they are a high edition. Know your seller - check their feedback and see if there have been any problems. For the third herd, the copyright date for the ceramic ponies should be 2003 if they are a 1E, but 2004 if they are a resin pony. This herd was announced in December 2003, but released in January, 2004.
"Thank you to the individuals that contributed with the compilation of this information and most notably the members of the Painted Ponies Chat Message Board, sometimes known as the "Pony Posse"."


1. What type of merchandise does The Trail of Painted Ponies craft to complement the figurines? The Trail of Painted Ponies creates a broad range of fine merchandise including: Ornaments, Jeweled Gift boxes, Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry, Puzzles, Home Decor and more.

2. How many ornaments have been created? There have been 45 Trail of Painted Ponies Ornaments crafted to date. They are announced with the Summer Herd on June 1 each year.


1. How many books has The Trail of Painted Ponies published and what are the titles? The Trail of Painted Ponies has published several Best-Selling books including: The Trail of Painted Ponies, The Trail of Painted Ponies Second Edition, The Trail of Painted Ponies Third Edition, The Trail of Painted Ponies Collectors Edition, The Trail of Painted Ponies Updated Collectors Edition, The Trail of Painted Ponies: Anniversary Edition. The Trail has also published a small inspirational book titled Ride the Sky along with the award-winning coffee-table book American ArtParades. The Trail of Painted Ponies also promotes the award-winning book Children's Prayers for America.

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