Detailed GALLERY Pictures ~ Fire & Ice ~ 15th Anniversary Celebration

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Fire & Ice Figurine
Clear Resin, hand painted.

Fire & Ice Front


Fire & Ice back

This is the back of the head of the horse

Fire & Ice Head

Place in a sunny spot and the light will be amazing.



Ornament 3.5" tall

Fire & Ice Ornament


Click Pic to see it larger.


Fire & Ice Ornament



This figurine is made of clear resin and hand painted. It measures 11.4" tall.

It commemorates the 15 th Anniversary of the Trail of Painted Ponies and is a splendid piece of art.

They are numbered on their bases, and collectibility
is very popular. Keep the boxes and story cards to insure their value.

Fire & Ice Figurine Base

This would make an awesome gift for a couple's 15th Anniversary or for your cowgirl wife.
Or your daughter's 15th Birthday.
I would even suggest it for a gift for a person who appreciates art and enjoys nature, wildlife & horses.


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