2022 Christmas Releases - Design Meanings and Style

Special Delivery

Artist: Rikki Carter

Santa had already departed from the Island of Misfit Toys when Christmas wishes were discovered tangled in a tree. Since it was too late to call Santa back, they had to find a way to make the holiday dreams come true. So, they saddled up a Painted Pony,

Rikki also created: Fury



Artist: Laura Robinson

A mighty angel, in the form of a horse, bows down to the Divine Infant in an act of deep love and respect. Such a special child, radiating with hope for all mankind, deserving of the adoration caught in this silent and awe-inspiring moment. The magnificent horse will spread its powerful wings and tell others of the Holy Child, but only after it has basked in the glory of His presence for just a little longer.

“Part of my inspiration to create Native Painted Ponies comes from the desire to share my knowledge in a way that touches people emotionally‚Ķ that sparks a curiosity about Native cultures, and educates them about a time or place in history that has passed but should never be forgotten,” she says.

Friendship is the inspiration behind her newest Painted Pony, “Warrior Brothers.” A friendship “so deep it is understood on the most intimate of levels‚Ķ levels on which survival often depended. A warrior and his horse had this special kind of brotherhood. Together they were one, heart and soul.”

Laura also created: VIntage Greetings


Christmas Past

Artist: Lorna Matsuda

In days gone by, pull-toys were a favorite Christmas present for children. They took delight in leading their gift by a rope or string, as if it were tamely following them on their next adventure. Christmas Past brings that holiday tradition to the here and now.

Lorna has created: Spirit of the Chief, Friends Forever, Ebony in Harmony, Bells n Elves, Magical Mystery Mare, Panda Paws, Crimson Joy, Fawn Memories, Turquoise Princess, Rope My Heart, Eagle Spirit, Peppermint Sticks, Santa's Little Helper, Mistletoe Kisses, Peacekeeper, Winchester,



Snow Ready

Artist: Grace McKenney

Christmas is a time of year that is enjoyed by every member of the family, including the furry ones. After a full day of snowman building and sledding, "Snow Ready" gently pulls this tired pup back to the barn for a well-deserved afternoon nap.

This is Grace's first pony.


Spirit of Christmas Present

Artist: Elizabeth Henderson

In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Present is described as a jovial giant clad in a green mantle trimmed with white fur, with an icicle studded wreath of holly upon his head. He carries a torch shaped like horn, from which the Spirit spreads his blessing of hope and good cheer. He invisibly leads Ebeneezer Scrooge through the cobble-stone streets of London, blessing every celebration of the day, no matter how humble. The Trail of Painted Ponies celebrates this Christmas classic with its equestrian version titled Spirit of Christmas Present.

This is Elizabeth's first pony.


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