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Trail of Painted Ponies - 2018 Fall - 47th Release &
2019 Winter - 48th Release


One of the ways the Fall 2018 Release is so special
is that it features the introduction of the new Collaboration Collection. For the first time, The Trail of Painted Ponies invited two of our best artists to creatively re-interpret two of our bestselling figurines:

"War Pony," now titled "War Magic" - a Native Pony that is our all-time best seller, and

"Silver Lining," now titled "Tempest" - a stunning version of the mythological Pegasus, which was retired at the peak of its popularity.

These designs not only pay tribute to the artistic creativity that has made The Trail of Painted Ponies an enduringly popular brand for fifteen years, they will give new collectors the opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular Painted Pony figurines of the past.

47th Release ~~ 2018 FALL ~~~~ In Stock Now

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War Magic - $54.00

War Magic

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48th Release ~~ 2019 WINTER ~~~~ ORDER NOW!

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Native Paint

Native Paint

Turquoise Princess

Turquoise Princess

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Set of 3 ~ 2019 Winter

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