47th & 48th Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2018 Fall & 2019 Winter

One of the ways the Fall 2018 Release is so special
is that it features the introduction of the new Collaboration Collection. For the first time, The Trail of Painted Ponies invited two of our best artists to creatively re-interpret two of our bestselling figurines:

"War Pony," now titled "War Magic" - a Native Pony that is our all-time best seller, and

"Silver Lining," now titled "Tempest" - a stunning version of the mythological Pegasus, which was retired at the peak of its popularity.

These designs not only pay tribute to the artistic creativity that has made The Trail of Painted Ponies an enduringly popular brand for fifteen years, they will give new collectors the opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular Painted Pony figurines of the past.



Artist: Star Liana York

Artistic collaboration is a hallmark of The Trail of Painted Ponies, and "Tempest" is a collaboration of a different kind. Santa Fe sculptor Star Liana York created the spectacular Painted Pony titled "Silver Lining," which was her representation of the mythological horse Pegasus soaring towards the heavens on a mighty set of wings. With "Tempest" she has re-interpreted her original concept to depict Pegasus searching through dark and churning storm clouds in search of the elusive silver lining of blue skies, thereby giving her original Pony an entirely new feel and meaning.



War Magic

Artist: Rancy Hood & Kathleen Moody

Artistic collaboration is a hallmark of The Trail of Painted Ponies, and "War Magic" is the first Painted Pony in a new series called the Collaboration Collection. Through color changes and enhancements, and the addition of new religious symbols that add spiritual power to battle decorations, Master Artist Kathleen Moody has transformed "War Pony," a tribute to the legendary fighting spirit of the Comanche Indians and The Trail's all-time bestselling figurine, into a unique and entirely original design.

2019 Winter ~ 48th Release


Artist: Bryn Wilkins Lawson

A buttercup is a yellow cup-shaped flower that calls to mind sunny fields of golden wildflowers blooming in the springtime. Although not always the friendly little flower their name suggests - their petals are considered poisonous to wildlife - buttercups are quite pretty, often used as a term of endearment like “Honey” and “Sweetie,” and sometimes the name given to a horse that someone is sweet on.


Turquoise Princess

Artist: Leona Matsuda

Tales of old say that a long time ago Native Americans noticed gray rocks with clear blue lines running through them and interpreted the imagery as elements of sky and water locked in stone. From that time on, turquoise was cherished for its beauty and as a source of positive healing energy and good fortune for those who possessed it. Adorned with turquoise feathers and adornments, Turquoise Princess brings health and happiness to whomever she touches.


Native Paint

Artist: Laurie Cook

In the past, Native Americans did not communicate through writing as we know it. Instead they told stories through pictures and symbols drawn on rocks, hides, and other surfaces with natural pigments that were mixed to produce a palette of yellow, white, red, green, black and blue. Some of these "picture writings" recorded important events of a tribe, and some had meaning only to the individual who made them. The meaning of others is no longer known, but respected for belonging to those-who-came-before.


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