44th, 45th & 46th Release - Design Meanings and Style - 2018 Winter ~ Summer

Unicorn Magic

Artist: Audrey Dixon

The flowers on the base light up! Unicorns have a reputation for roaming forests and fields, untouched and untamed, always elusive, careful to stay unseen by the human eye, except for special moments when like magic they appear at the edge of a clearing, their silver coat radiant, their golden horn glistening in the sunlight, their long mane and tail whipping in the wind, to enchant anyone lucky enough to see them.


Spirit Horse

Artist: Lynn Bean

Much loved for their strength, beauty, nobility, and speed, horses are also considered by some cultures as symbols of extreme good luck. This is why amulets fashioned in their likeness are believed to capture their aura of independence, and can instill in their wearers a feeling of inner confidence, while offering a kind of spirited guardianship….



Rope My Heart

Artist: Lorna Matsuda

Whether it's galloping along a beautiful beach at sunset, cantering through meadows of sunflowers, or being pulled by a horse-drawn sleigh through winter snow, horses have the ability to add romance to experiences that couples can share together. They have a way of making magic happen. They rope our hearts…



Artist: David Richie

Outside most of the time, horses don't mind a little wind and rain. In fact, they are known to often kick up their heels in the presence of violent weather. In legend, horses were even believed to have been sired by the Wind Gods, and their wild energy would pull storms like chariots across land and sea.

45th Release ~ Spring 2018

Fire & Ice
Artist/ Sculptor Kathleen Moody

To mark the occasion of fifteen years of creative excellence, The Trail of Painted onies has created this very secial,
commemorative figurine. Titled "Fire & Ice", and case in clear resin, it depicts a firey stallion rearing and twisting like a
flame from blue ice crystals in a striking representation of the creative process behind each Painted Pony, where the hrose serves as inspiration for a wholly original artistic vision.

FIre and Ice is carefully hand-painted and there will be variations in color and color saturation compared to images
shown online and on packaging.


46th Release ~ Summer 2018

Joyful Serenade

Artist: Kathleen Moody

You're walking at the edge of a wooded forest early one springtime morning and you look up and, like magic, there stands a Unicorn mother with her adorable foal, their horns and manes and tails glistening in the dawn's early light. Are you dreaming? You've heard that Unicorns tend to be extremely shy and generally avoid human contact, but you've also heard that when petted they prefer a woman's touch. So you reach out and the foal startles, but then the mare nudges her baby with her nose to let her know it's okay, you're a friend, and together the two of you make music and a memory that will never be forgotten…



Eagle Spirit

Artist: Lorna Matsuda

According to legend, Eagle Spirit was a horse born deep in a hidden forest under the watchful eye of an all-powerful eagle endowed with magical powers. To bond them in spirit, the eagle added golden colors from his feathers to the colt's black coat. And as time passed and Eagle Spirit grew into a magnificent stallion, with each act of bravery, courage, devotion and wisdom, an eagle feather would float down from the sky above, and attach itself to Eagle Spirit's flowing mane and tail.



The Eye Dazzler

Artist: Sarah C. Geis

Before the turn of the 19th century, the Navajo switched from making traditional Native American blankets to weaving brilliantly colored tapestries with hand-spun wool that featured fantastic geometric shapes and bold color palettes never before seen. This groundbreaking shift gave birth to what is now known as the Eye Dazzler rug. These weavings not only offered Navajo artisans the chance to express their individual artistry, freedom and ceremonial musings, they also influenced others who drew inspiration from these rich and colorful designs, and incorporated the aesthetic into other mediums, such as Painted Ponies.


Crossing Rainbow Bridge

Arist: Janee Hughes

What happens when a beloved pet dies?" It's said there is a special bridge of many colors connecting Heaven and Earth where there are meadows and hills with lush green grass, and the spirits of our deceased furry friends - dogs, cats and horses - run and play together… until the day comes when we are joyfully reunited with them. Then we cross over Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.


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