42nd Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2017 Winter

Born to Run

Artist/ Sculptor: Kathleen Moody

Thoroughbreds are an elite horse breed famous for their agility, speed, spirit, and for winning races under saddle at a gallop. Some Thoroughbreds like to show off their will-to-win at a young age, as seen in this charming depiction by an acclaimed equine Arizona artist of a frisky filly challenging her proud mother to try and keep up with her.


Arabian Splendor

Artist: Kathleen Moody
When you ride into a show ring on an Arabian horse to appear in the Costume Class, the objective is to stand out and be noticed. To catch every judge's attention. To be the crowd favorite. So, the way you are dressed should be eye-catchingly imaginative and elegant. Dramatic with colors that dazzle, tassels that shimmy, and rhinestones that sparkle in the show ring lights. Looking like "Arabian Splendor," the creation of an acclaimed Arizona artist, in other words.



Ancient Dreams

Artist: Robert Riviera
In ancient times, a small group of Indian people occupied remote villages along river drainages in the desert Southwest. Climate change and warfare caused them to disperse, and they effectively died out as a tribe. When Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, the only things left of the Hohokum were the elaborate irrigation canals they had dug, and pots and shards stunningly decorated with a distinct style that was defined by red geometric designs repeated in small motifs over buffware, and is remembered by this award-winning New Mexico painter.


Dance of the Lippizans

Artist: Lori Musil
The story of the Lipizzan has many dramatic twists and turns, starting in the 1600s when it was developed as a breed that could be taught to do difficult motions on command and with balletic grace and precision - including highly controlled, stylized jumps known as "airs above the ground." - and almost ending in World War II when the breed was saved from extinction by American troops. With "Dance of the Lipizzans," a masterpiece by a New Mexico equine artist, the legend lives on.

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Night Flight

Artist: Melodi King

"Night Flight" is made of exquisite tinted translucent resin. Gazing up on clear cold nights at stars and constellations shining brightly and beautifully is the most inspiring time of day for this artist. It is a time when she feels she is no longer bound by the restraints of earth, ideas appear out of the blue, her dreams can take flight, and as though carried on the back of a mythical winged creature, she is transported to lands where amazing adventures await.



Artist: Alanna Donohue

Every Painted Pony has a story behind it, and the tale that inspired the artist who created "Papoose" involves a young Indian mother who is out gathering berries and firewood with her trusty horse, her infant son in a cradle board, and her loyal dog, in preparation for a Rite of Passage ceremony for her younger sister.


Native Dreamer

Artist: Fabienne Leydecker
Dreams and visions are an important part of Native Americans' spiritual life. From them, strength is drawn to meet challenges, future events are seen and instructions received that are guides to wisdom. Often these communications take the form of dream symbols that find their way into elaborate artistic expressions on pots, baskets, weavings, buffalo skins… and are painted on horses.
"Ask me to paint grace and power in motion, and I will paint you a horse," says Fabienne.

Fabienne also designed Standing on Guard....


Spirit Bear Pony

Artist: Maria Ryan

In the Native American belief system, horses and bears have a strong spiritual connection. Using traditional colors, and decorating sacred bear fetish shapes with symbols of strength, courage, power and long life, this Colorado artist, acclaimed for her artistic interpretations of spirit guide animals, has created a "Spirit Pony" intended to serve as both guardian and protector.



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