The Stories behind the Painted Ponies - 3rd Series of Figurines, 2004 WINTER

- ceramic. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Penny Thomas Simpson

Alamogordo painter Penny Thomas Simpson fancifully interpreted a horse bred for color, taking Apple-oosa in an ingeniously whimsical direction.


Blue Medicine - resin. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Mary Iron Eyes

Mary is an Osage and Easter Band Cherokee and offers us this profoundly spiritual expression of healing in "Blue Medicine." "Blue Medicine" is an example of expressing healing and support for New Mexico's communities. Mary explains in her art that it is important to acknowledge all the people, children and families who placed their individual hand prints that completed a vision and personal prayer. May we all remember that we should embrace the highest good for those in need. Art is life and we are fortunate to be able to follow its path. HorsePower New Mexico has been the path for many of her people.


Children of the Garden - resin. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Connie Garcia

Nothing is as versatile as a canvas, the horse becomes a delightful creature carrying children to a magical place in Connie Garcia's charming "Children of the Garden." The bright colors and attached children are playfully climbing up the horse, as many have seen horses stand patiently.


Dances with Hooves -
resin. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Ty Anderle

Ty isn't Native, but his art puts a contemporary twist on aboriginal designs. "Dances with Hooves" is his interpretation of spirit and life.

Fantastic Fillies -
ceramic. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Janee Hughes

Janee Hughes honors the art of horseracing in "Fantastic Fillies"

Floral Pony -
ceramic. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Noel Espinoza

Noel Espinoza is a celebrated artist who lives south-of-the-border. His "Floral Pony," delivers the lush ambiance of a Mexican flower garden on the back of a running Pony.


Ghost Horse -
resin. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Bill Miller (Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation)

The percise talent of Mohican artist Bill Miller, a songwriter and performing artist, creative in his beautiful yet haunting, "Ghost Horse." "As a Native American musician and visual artist, I consider my art and my music gifts to be from my Creator. It was a special challenge to be able to paint on something other than canvas, especially a full-size pony. I believe it brought out a new me." The artist enjoyed the opportunity to 'give back' with this surreal and spiritual experience of painting. "May you always ride a painted pony down the Red Road."


Heavenly Pony -
ceramic. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Noel Espinoza

The theme of Noel Espinoza's Painted Pony is plain and simple, the majestic beauty of the sky and the heavens. The puffy clouds are where Noel likes to be. She lives south-of-the-border and enjoyed painting this enjoyable creature.


Love as Strong as a Horse
- ceramic. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Jesse Hummingbird

A cherokee artist who has chosen to showcase his signature style of mask-painting in "Love as Strong as a Horse, as Beautiful as a Hummingbird." As large as a horse and as delicate as a hummingbird.


Sky of Enchantment - resin. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Ilse Magener

Taking Painted Ponies to new heights literally is German artist Ilse Magener, on her exquisite "Sky of Enchantment."


Tewa Horse - resin. Measures 6" high.
Artist: Tom Tapia (Tesuque)

Tom Tapia is influenced by the Cockiti pottery designs. The geometric and animal designs also are a theme for his pottery and painting. He is a tribal policeman and uses the Tewa design to adorned his pony with traditional designs. The sash represents good faith and fortune, the blanket honors the horse as a bold and strong being, the eagle represents good luck, and the handprint stands for the loving touch of all creation.


Wound Up Time on the Range - resin. Measures 8" high.
Artist: Roger Evans

Folk Artist Roger Evans represents the American West with a tip of the hat of a cowboy riding toy design. His clever and humorous symbolism creates this pull-toy design titled "Wound Up Time on the Range."

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