18th & 19th Releases - Design Meanings and Style - 2011 Winter + Spring

Hopi Maidens

Artist: Vickie Knepper-Adrian

Hopi Indians live in stark, desert conditions on three mesas in Northeastern Arizona. Hopi "kachinas" are stylized religious icons carved from cottonwood roots and painted to represent the masked spirits from Hopi mythology. The inspiration for Hopi Maidens is the ceremony that is held each year in which Hopi maidens and tribesmen dressed as kachinas dance and sing to bring rain for the upcoming harvest. Writes the artist, "One side has a woman's feel with 3 Hopi maidens and a Corn Kachina. The other side has 3 male kachina figures with the Sun Kachina. On the base is the beautiful Butterfly Kachina. I wanted to fill the pony with Hopi inspirations for long life, love, health and strength."

Vickie Knepper-Adrian also made: Warrior Brothers, War Cry, Wounded Knee, Tribal Paint, Let it Snow & Dear Santa (2011)


Legends of the Plains

Artist: Joani Jiannine

In addition to painting symbols on a horse's body intended to empower, honor and protect in times of war, some Plains Indians would fabulously dress up a prized pony with feathers, fringe, quills and more on ceremonial occasions intended to celebrate peace. A story is told about one gold-and-white spotted pony whose natural colors were so striking that no paint was added; rather, it was adorned with prayer feathers tied to its mane and tail, and it carried a shield with crossed arrows symbolizing friendship and harmony. The details that decorate Legend of the Plains give it the beauty, mystery and power of a "peace pony."

This is Joani's first pony.


Stars & Stirrups

Artist: Kevin Kilhoffer
"The freedom we associate with the American West was enshrined in the act of a cowboy driving cattle across the plains on horseback," according to the artist who created Stars and Stirrups. Note the details that are both authentic and symbolic: an old rebuilt saddle with eagle bill tapaderos; the rawhide lariat, canteen, blanket and slicker; the 1873 Winchester rifle holstered in a leather scabbard; and the American flag that comes alive on the Pony, waving and rolling, while the tatters dance with silhouettes of riders roping and gathering steers, as the cattle drive moves slowly along.

This is Kevin's 4th pony: Runs the Bitterroot, Woodland Hunter and Little Brave are his creations also.


Prance to the Music

Artist: Maria Ryan

From the equestrian ballets of the 17th century, when costumed horses performed intricately choreographed figures to music, to the circular parades of carousel horses whirling to the rollicking tunes of an organ, horses and music have had a colorful relationship that has struck a chord in many Painted Pony artists. Dressed in instruments found in an orchestral symphony, high-stepping across a piano keyboard, Prance to the Music is a design that takes us on a ride across a new and original musical landscape.

Maria Ryan also has 9 figurines in the Trail of Painted Ponies line sold worldwide: including Kachina, Native Jewel, Boot Camp, Penguin Express, Poinsettia, Earth Angels, Native Essense and Christmas Kittens.

19th Release


Artist: Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

According to legend, there once existed a beautiful firebird who lived on drew drops and whose cry was so enchanting the sun would stop to listen. At the end of its life it would build a fire of aromatic branches and allow itself to be consumed by the flames… only to be born again more beautiful than ever. Emergence shares the same story, and moral, as the Phoenix: we all have the capacity to begin life anew.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor has designed several Painted Ponies including: Celestial, Appy Holidays, The Unicorn's Garden and Emergence.


King of Hearts

Artist: Karlynn Keyes

Karlynn had the pleasure of studying in London many years ago and this is where she developed an appreciation for all things British, including those magnificent horses from Scotland known as Clydesdales. "King of Hearts" celebrates the pomp and pageantry of magnificent horses in full tack, as if they are stabled at the Royal Mews. Just in time for the Royal Wedding, "King of Hearts" celebrates the triumph of the heart...

Karlynn Keyes has designed several Painted Ponies including: Children's Prayer Pony, Big Red, Silverado, Noel, Dashing Through the Snow, Arabian Nights, Cowgirl Cadillac, Happy Birthday and King of Hearts.


Unicorn Garden

Artist: Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

In the 16th century, in the Netherlands, a series of fabulous tapestries were created, each featuring the mysterious and beautiful unicorn in a magical setting. These tapestries were so breathtakingly beautiful that they have been exhibited in museums around the world ever since. This gorgeous Pony was depicts one of the unicorns resting in a glorious, paradise-garden, surrounded by magical plants and flowers.


Spirits of the Four Directions

Artist: Janet Snyder

Within the spiritual teachings of Native Americans, the Medicine Wheel symbolizes the sacred circle of life. It has four basic directions, each associated with a different color, each represented by an animal spirit guide, each offering its own lessons. Rich with symbolism Spirits of the Four Directions offers another way of looking at the world, and giving meaning to our lives.

Janet Snyder has designed otherPainted Ponies including: For Spacious Skies and Santa's Surprise coming Christmas 2011.


Standing on Guard Fab RCMP Artist: Fabienne Leydecker


“Standing on Guard,” a strong, beautiful figurine that accurately portrays the well-trained horse rode by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This force of police officers and their beloved horses have proudly served Canada and its people since 1873. The RCMP horse and rider participate in the Musical Ride, which consists of a stunning variety of choreographed cavalry drills and figurines to music. “Standing on Guard” is a tribute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Musical Ride, where months of training and practice make horse and rider one.

Fabienne Leydecker has also make Country Christmas & Simply Home (Christmas 2011).


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