16th & 17th Series Design Meanings and Style - Summer & Fall 2010

Cadilac Cowgirl

Artist: Karlynn Keyes and Bryn Wilkins Lawson
Let's be honest... all girls are 'horse crazy.' It starts when little girls put on their first pair of pink suede cowboy boots. That’s it, they’re hooked. And then, of course, these little girls go looking for a horse. It could be any kind of horse... a soft, cuddly toy horse or a small horse figurine. You see, when you're horse crazy, every horse is prized and you simply can't get enough of them. Cowgirl Cadillac is a tribute to all horse-crazy girls who are young and young at heart. Saddle up for the ride that lasts a lifetime on the back of a true dream machine...Ride on!

Karlynn Keyes also designed: Children's Prayer, Silverado, Big Red, Noel, Dashing & Arabian NIghts.
Bryn Wilkins Lawson: Collaborated efforts on Noel, Dashing & Arabian NIghts.



Artist: Jennifer MacNeill Traylor
White horses have a legendary standing in mythologies around the world. They are often believed to possess exceptional properties that transcend the normal world. The heroic prince or white knight of fairy tales usually ride a snow-white horse. Unicorns and Pegasus are generally white. Ancient authors have also written about a special white horse that was so superior and grand in size and speed that it caused a war. As it was being fought over, this sacred steed was said to have ridden a bolt of lightning into the heavens, where it was enshrined forever as The Celestial Horse.

This is Jennifer's first pony.

Zuni Mare
Artist: Jesse Leach
The Zuni Indians of New Mexico have inhabited the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona for over 1,000 years. Their pueblo was the first stop on the infamous search for the "Seven Cities of Cibola" by the Spanish in 1539. Among the rich traditions the Zuni are known for is pottery making. Zuni pots are distinguishable from the pottery of other pueblos by 1) material (Zuni potters dig their own clay); 2) design (the surface of their pots is usually a reddish color superbly decorated with fine lines and complicated geometric patterns created with white paint); and 3) shape (in addition to spherical bowls, Zuni pots were sometimes shaped like animals). Zuni Mare was respectfully inspired by the traditions of ancient as well as contemporary Zuni artisans.

This is Jesse's first pony.


Little Brave
Artist: Kevin Kilhoffer
There were few things of more value to the Western Plains Indian Warrior than his horse. Although the duties expected of his horse often differed, depending on whether they were going forth with arrows to hunt for bison or wage war with enemies, his Pony was his fearless partner. Often, before entering battle or pursuing a herd of buffalo, a warrior would honor and protect his horse by dressing and painting him with power symbols. The designs on Little Brave have prepared him for the challenge of the day.

Kevin also designed: Runs the Bitterroot and Woodland Hunter

17th Series

Warrior Brothers

Artist: Vickie Knepper-Adrian

A special bond existed between a warrior and his horse. They communicated on the most intimate and subtle levels. A whispered word, the squeeze of a leg or a shift in body position could often determine the outcome of a hunt or fight. As the Apsaalooke Chief Plenty Coups is quoted as saying, "My horse fights with me and fasts with me, because if he is to carry me in battle he must know my heart and I must know his or we shall never become brothers."

A warrior also often painted his favorite war pony with the same pattern and colors he used for his own face and body, letting everyone know that they were as one, in heart and soul; that they were Warrior Brothers.

For thirty years this versatile Minnesota artist made a living as an illustrator and graphic artist, before expanding to include oil painting, woodcarving and Pony painting.


Happy Birthday Pony

Artist: Karlynn Keyes and Bryn Wilkins Lawson

This adorable Happy Birthday Pony is here to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Everyone wants a Pony for their birthday; so saddle up, put your party hat on and get ready to celebrate your birthday!

Karlynn Keyes also designed: Cowgirl Cadillac, Children's Prayer, Silverado, Big Red, Noel, Dashing & Arabian NIghts.
Bryn Wilkins Lawson: Collaborated efforts on Cowgirl Cadillac, Noel, Dashing & Arabian NIghts.


Mystic ~ a ceramic pony

Artist: Manuel Salas, Jr.

The mystery, power and exotic beauty of Pre-Columbian art – the art of Mexico and South America in the time prior to the arrival of European colonizers in the 16th Century – holds a particular fascination for lovers of art history in the Americas. For more than twenty years, this award-winning Hispanic artist has been exploring and experimenting with the remarkable treasury of vibrant colors – strong reds, bright blues – used in the creation of the fantastic designs, symbols and abstractions found on temple walls, precious objects and ceremonial clothing worn by the Mayans, Incas, Aztec and Zapotec. With Mystic, he has connected imagery from those lost cultures to his own heritage, in his own time.



Artist: Olena Kalayda

For centuries, sweethearts have shared their affection for one another with sweet sentiments that have been carefully decorated with hearts and flowers. Sweetheart is also a charming term of endearment that symbolizes love and caring. This romantic Painted Pony is embellished with delicate golden tendrils, surrounded by lovely leaves and fanciful flowers that blossom with red hearts which are featured on a stunning black background. This traditional Ukrainian style of painting is appreciated for its delicacy and complexity and has been treasured for over 2,000 years. Discover what true love is all about with Sweetheart.

Olena also designed: Crystal the Holiday pony.


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