10th Series Design Meanings and Style
Artist: Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith is a historian and scholar of the American West. She is also an authentic costumer who has worked on such films as Dancing with Wolves and All the Pretty Horses. Her original Pony was adorned with a Crow woman’s Horse Trappings Outfit, circa 1870s. The keyhole-shaped ornament on the forehead was a classic Crow design, the beaded rosette surrounded with horsehair tassels and wrapped in dyed cotton string. Made to carry a short buffalo lance or captured cavalry sword, the case was fashioned out of buffalo rawhide painted with natural earth pigments. Outfits similar to this are still paraded today at the Crow Fair in Crow Agency.
Sacred Reflection of Time
Artist: Joani Jiannine

n her artistic creations, this Arkansas artist of Cherokee descent (her Indian name is Silver Fox) strives to capture the Native American’s respect for the sacredness and beauty of Mother Earth, the colorful legends handed down from generation to generation, and the love and close bond that was shared with the horse. "(Sacred Reflections) is my Spirit Horse and Peace Pony. She carries an Eagle on her shield, a Buffalo on her Pipe and bag, a Coyote on her quiver and a Bear Paw on the smaller drum. These are the Guardians of the four major directions, and they are also great teachers."
Navajo Black Beauty
Artist: Barbara Duzan

As well as for their famous rugs, Navajo weavers are known for their beautiful, pictorial, basket weavings. Many illustrate themes and tell stories that preserve Navajo history. Barbara Duzan, an Arizona artist who has distinguished herself internationally with her one-of-a-kind, beaded animals, wanted to pay special tribute to this unique tribal tradition by beading a Pony that carried "Man Placing the Stars," a Navajo creation myth, on one side of her Pony, and "Sun's Journey through the Sky" on the other. Each design is rendered in the Navajo basket weaver's style.
Boot Camp
Artist: Maria Ryan

A cowboy’s best friends are his horse and saddle, a rope, a hat and a comfortable pair of boots. But boy howdy, when it comes to Painted Ponies you can forget the plain, clunky, brown and black working cowboy boot. Banishing the traditional "high heels of the range" from her imagination, Idaho wildlife artist Maria Ryan created a colorful tribute to the cowboy boot mystique when she bedecked and bedazzled her Pony with an outrageous collection of western fashion footwear and let him kick up his heels.
Dynasty - Retired
Wie-Tou - Retired
Northern Lights
Artist: Janee Hughes

Horses are familiar to all of us, but many of the world’s most beautiful animals live in remote precincts on the planet and are far less familiar. The award-winning painter and book illustrator, Janee Hughes, created this spectacular tribute to some of the creatures that are at home in the vast distances of the arctic. On one side you will find the animals that spend most of their lives in the forests and mountains – the Arctic wolf, the caribou – and on the other are animals that live mostly in the sea or on sea ice – the walrus, polar bear, humpback whale. Above them all are the breathtaking, shifting, shimmering, northern lights.

Artist: Janee Hughes

"From stardust we have come, and to stardust we shall return," writes Janee Hughes, an artist and writer from the Pacific Northwest as gifted with a pen as with a brush. "Between times, many have gazed in wonder at the night sky and thought they’ve seen figures in the arrangement of stars and galaxies. In centuries past, fertile imaginations have even gone so far as to conjure gods and heroes and tell their stories in terms of myths. Many involve the horse, our respected companion on earth, our friend in the heavens…."

Janee Hughes is also the creator of: Fantastic Fillies, Incognito, Northern Lights, Silver Bells, Nutcracker, Frosty and Feliz Navidad.

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