Holiday GRAB BAG ~ Each is only $10.00 ~ Continued....

Gifts for Fjord, Horse, Cat & Dog Lovers
From Betsy at



Unicorn Magic
Trail of Painted Ponies

Unicorn Magic



14oz Horse, Dog or Cat Designs

Ceramic Advent Calendar


HODC Revolutionary

Horse of a Different Color


Disney Objects Small

Disney Objects from Beauty and the Beast 3 - 4" tall

Cat Cards

Cat Pack of 5 Greeting Cards



Socks for Horse Lovers
Horse Socks


Hallmark Fjord Ornament

Fjord Painted Pony



Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Select Cow & Pig


or Dogs

Beagle Jewelry Set

Dog Lover Necklace & Dog Tag

Pick Mutt or Beagle



Shipping will be added

First, you'll be charged 8.00 for shipping as most of these items aren't very big.

However, Bible covers, Crosses
will be more so I will send an additional
invoice for the extra shipping.

IF you add items, I will add a little to the shipping.



Fjord Mug

Fjord Coffee mug


Native People Pony

Native People Pony Figurine 2E/
Trail of The Painted Ponies



$8.00 shipping will be added BUT I will refund
Example: A pack of cards will not cost $8.00 to ship, so
I'll refund the amount not needed.

Or email me and I'll tweek your order.

Purchase by typing the name of the item below.

To add an item click the "Continue Shopping" button and come back here and write in another.


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Please watch for an email from me and check your Junk Folder if it ends up there.


Dog & Cat Greeting Cards

Dog & Cat Pack of
Greeting Cards

Exclusive Fjord Greeting Card Packs

Fjord Greeting Cards

Wall Decor - Crosses

Bible Covers are 8" x 2.5" x 10.5" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crossed are approximately 8.2" X 1.3" X 12.1"

Grab these awesome items, time for me to sell some of the overstock.!

E'me if you have any questions, or if you'd like help getting that perfect gifts.

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