More Beautiful Breeds for Christmas! 


Unique Fjord Pendants
Hand Painted on Deer Antlers,
Each is Original

Very Popular ~ Here's our next group of designs!
18" gold filled chain is included and each pendant comes in a
very nice pendant box ready for gift giving or safe keeping .

I do have 2 GREY Fjord designs, please Email me to request photos.

$38.00 each


Rocky Mountain --------- Haflinger -------------- Paso Fino

 $38.00 each includes a 18" chain.
(when one sells another will be posted)

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4 sold  5 sold 6

* Order by Number or Breed,
* Actual Size is approx. 1.25" x 3/4"
* Ships in 2 days.

Please Specify Which Pendant:


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Gold (GF) loops can not be changed, they are soldered for safe keeping
designs by Cindy, Michigan, USA.

Yes, one of the most unique of Fjord items I have found. Cindy slices the white tail deer antlers and paints an original image of a fjord on the front. She has soldered the jump rings so they will stay closed and your favorite fjord will stay nicely on your neck.
An 18" GF chain is provided.. with a special pink pendant box for gift giving.

I think most of you will select the Fjord image that resembles your Fjord, that is why I made this page to order the number you like.

To order more than 1, simply come back here and add another to the Shopping Cart.

E'Me with any questions, or Call in your order: 559-645-4111 in California, thanks Betsy.

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