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Trail of Painted Ponies - 2017


Exciting New Ponies for our Trail of Painted Ponies Collections.

Recently Announced by TOPP that these are in the works and are Illunimated!

....... "Beginning this year, The Trail and Enesco will be focusing our new product launch introductions around the key selling times of the year, January and June. This will give all of us the opportunity to showcase our top performing and proven themes, while building excitement and anticipation with the collector.

Additionally, in an effort to keep The Trail of Painted Ponies brand fresh and attractive to new as well as loyal customers, look for the introduction later this year of a special grouping of Painted Ponies that is unlike anything that has come before: Painted Pony figurines that are created along trending themes and are illuminated from within, will add character, color and a little magic to the line, and make great gifts for special occasions."
~ Rod Barker

Fire & Ice
Illuminated Pony Design in the Works

New Fire & Ice Planned

Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Magic - Illuminated

Rod Barker included " The Trail of Painted Ponies is one of those rare and unique collectible lines that has proven it has enduring popularity – in 2018, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary as America's premier, bestselling horse collectible, so stay tuned for a spectacular Painted Pony that commemorates this milestone."

UPDATE: Response From Trailmaster:

Fire and Ice is a special Painted Pony that will commemorate the 15th Anniversary of The Trail of Painted Ponies. It will be coming out in January, and it is an absolutely sensational new design, unlike any we have previously producted. The new category of illuminated figurines has been put on hold temporarily.


WOW, how exciting for our Painted Pony corral, new creations and expressions coming down the Trial. I will keep you updated here and in my newsletter as I find out more.

Maybe this is a good time to catch up with the ponies you've wanted to add to your collection. Ride over to my
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~ Betsy

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New Ponies for August 2017

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