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Trail of Painted Ponies - 2016
Summer - 40th Release

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40th Release ~~ 2016 SUMMER


10" tall

Artist: Kathleen Moody

On a literal level, "Unconquered" depicts a magnificent white stallion - radiant and shimmering, mane and tail flying in the wind, a symbol of power, strength and renewal - rising Phoenix-like from the rubble of the fallen World Trade Center that was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. But this only tells half the story, for there is a deeper meaning behind this stunning sculpture. “Unconquered" also stands as an inspiring and patriotic representation of the triumphant response to adversity that defines the indomitable American Spirit

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6" tall

Home Sweet Home
Sculptor/Artist: Kathleen Moody



The Clydesdale is a popular breed that originated in mid-18th Century Scotland, and was historically used to haul carts and carriages. It is known as a “gentle giant” for its large size and easygoing temperament.

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Don't we love the Budweiser Commercials!

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8" tall

American Beauty
Artist: Karlynn Keyes


Along with floral floats and marching bands, Parade Horses magnificently attired in elaborate western-style tack - brightly decorated breast collars, silver-studded saddles with long tapaderos on the stirrups.


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Keeper of Dreams
Artist: Courtney Moore

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Inspired by the Native American belief that Dream Catchers collect both good and bad dreams - the bad dreams get caught in the web and are burned off by the morning sun, while good dreams get filtered into the feathers

This pony is an awesome hether green/grey color...

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